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Grow a Stalactite

Grow a Stalactite
Have you ever been in a cave and seen amazing columns? There arestalactiteandstalacgmite”. It takes many hundreds of years for these to grow. You can make your own in just a few weeks!
Rat’s Helpful Hint
If you get a chance to visit a dark cave, remember to hide around a corner. When some passes by leap  out and shout Boo!” Adults just love this!
You will need:
Glass jars, baking soda or Epsom salt ( The salts take longer, but give you more shapes), spoon, wool/cotton, tring ( any thread that will soak up water), paperclips, water, sauce.
What to do for this chemistry experiment
1.Fill two clean jars with hot water.
2.Add as much baking soda to each jas as will dissolve.
3.Mix well so that the soda is dissolved completely.
4.Dip each end of the thread into the jars. The ends must be weghed down with paperclips, popsicle ticks, or nails to keep thêm in the jars.
5.Place a saucer between the jars to catch the drips.
6.Let the thread hang between the jars and over the saucer.
7.Leave the jars for 2-3 weeks. Will anything grow?
What happens?
A white stalactite grows down from the wool and a stalagmite grows up from the saucer.
1.The baking soda mix is carried up through the thread. This is called Capillary action
2.The mix then drips onto the saucer.
3.Over the days, the dripping water evaroprates. It leaves a little of baking soda behind.
4.These bits of baking soda make a tiny stalactite and stalagmite.
5.After months, these join. They make a single column like the one you see in a cave.
Fun Fact
One of the world’s tallest stalagmite is in Slovakia. Cavers found the 106.9 feet (32.6 meters) tall stalagmite in 1964.
Mini Qiuz?
What is the difference between stalactites and stalagmites?
Mini answer: Stalactites are the long rock columns that grow from the roof os a cave and hang downStalagmites look the same but they grow on the bottom of  a   cave  and  grow  upward.  When  they  meet,  they make a column. They come from desposits of the mineral calcium  carbonate  in  water  that drips into the cave. To remember  the  difference  between  the  two,  think  of this; stalactites hold tight (‘tite’) to the roof of the cave and stalagmites might (mitereach the roof
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