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When was the first plastic made?

Plastics are made by a chemical process calledpolymerization. Nineteenth century chemistunderstood the making of plastics. The firstplastic, vinyl chloride was made in 1838, closelyfollowed by styrene in 1839, acrylics in 1843 andpolyester in 1847. However, the vast potentialfor their use was not understood.Later thatcentury, cheaper, subtitute manufacturingmaterials were needed. In 1869, John Hyattdiscovered celluloid when looking for a subtitute for ivory.
This revolutionary material was tough and malleable; it started a wave of chemist developing new synthetic materials. In 1909, Leo Bakeland was responsible for the biggest development when he discovered phneolformandehyde. This materials was cheap to produce and could be moulded into any shape. He called it Bakelite and it was the first synthetic material to be mass-produced. The space technology of late 1960s, among other developments, has been applied by scientist to develop new plastic and other synthetic materials. In 21st century, we need to conserve our environment, so new biodegradable materials, are constantly being sought.
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