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When was paper first made

When was paper first made
The first paper was made about 2.000 years ago in China, by aman called Ts’ai Lun. He tookthe string inner bark of Mulberry tree and pounded it in water until it became mass offlatened threads. He then placed this pulped solution onto a flat trây of fine bamboo trips.
The water was allowed to 
drain throughthe bamboo, 
and threads in the bamboowere left to dry. The dried result was aflat,
 fibrous material considered 
to be thevery first paper.
As with all new discoveries,improvements were gradually made. Oneof these was to 
brush starch over thepaper 
to improve it.
The technique of making paper was takento Russia and 
the Middle East by 
Chinesetraders and from there it spread toEurope. Paper making was revolutionaryin 
the spread of knoledge and massproduction began.
The first continuos paper-making machine was developed in France by louis Robert in 1798, At the start of nineteenth century, the Fourdrinier brothers developed the idea further in London. Nowadays we produce wood-tree paper in an attempt to limit the damage to our environment.
To day paper is very diserve, there are many different papers: tissue, toilet paper, writing paper, carton, paperboard, printing paper,...
Nowadays we produce wood-tree paper in an attempt to limit the damage to our environment.
Beside improvement of paper, environment issue in the production of paper are also of concern, because of the process of producing paper uses a larger amounts of chemicals!!!!
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